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The Seed Of A Lie - 1994


The Seed Of A Lie
Record Details -
Country - United Kingdom Highest Chart Position - Failed
Label - NUMA Cover Type - Picture Sleeve
Catalogue No - NUF 1011 Number Issued -  
Date Released - October 1994 Barcode - None
Format - 7" Black Vinyl Release Type - Free Single with LP
Images -
Gary Numan The Seed Of A Lie 1994 UK Gary Numan The Seed Of A Lie 1994 UK      
Side A Side B      
Tracklist -
A - 1. The Seed Of A Lie 5.26  
B - 1. The Seed Of A Lie Extended 7.07  
Run Out Groove Details - (S) Stamped (H) Hand Scribed
Side A - (H) NUF 1011 - A1 A PORKY PRIME CUT MA
Side B - (H) NUF 1011 - B PORKY MA
Notes -
Availability & Price -
Availability Not Common  
Guide Price £2.00  

Credits -  
Gary Numan - Vocals, Keyboards, Drums & Percussion Programming, Acoustic Guitar, Fretlass Bass
Mike Smith - Keyboards, Toms, Guitar, Percussion Programming, Slide Guitar, Bass, Bongos
Keuth Beauvais - Guitar
Nick Beggs - Bass
Dick Morrissey - Saxaphone
Tim Whitehead - Saxaphone
RRussell Bell - Guitar
Paul Harvey - Rhythm/Slide Guitar
Cathi Ogden - Vocals
Produced by - Gary Numan
Engineered by - Gary Numan
Mixed by - Gary Numan
Recorded at - Outland Studios

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11 February 2013

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