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12 May 2013

Tracks Song By Song - Album By Album 2012
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This never before published manuscript was originally completed in the spring of 2005 then shelved indefinitely. 7 years later, thanks to the advent of Kindle direct, the full unedited, unchanged and unaltered work can finally be made available. Aside from a title change from “Electric Pioneer 2 Secret’s Revealed” to “Tracks – Song By Song Album By Album” the manuscript remains as it was all those years ago.  
The material included within these pages has been culled exclusively from archive press interviews conducted with Gary Numan and a vast army of associates from across the years. Due to the limitations of the source material available at the time it has not been possible to gain insight into every single song recorded by Gary Numan although these omissions are few.  
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Author - Paul Goodwin  
Format - Hardback or Download 170 pages.  
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