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1983 Concerts | Studio & Media

  Total number of appearances now stands at 40 for 1983

  UK - Warriors Tour (40)
20 September Glasgow Apollo
  22 September Aberdeen Capitol Theatre
  23 September Dundee Caird Hall
  24 September Edinburgh Playhouse
  25 September Sheffield City Hall
  27 September Newcastle City Hall
  28 September Hull City Hall
  29 September Manchester Apollo
  30 September Manchester Apollo
  01 October Derby Assembly Rooms
  02 October Deeside Leisure Centre
  03 October Birmingham Odeon
  04 October Birmingham Odeon
  05 October Coventry Apollo
  06 October Leicester De Montfort Hall
  08 October Poole Arts Centre
  09 October Oxford Apollo
  10 October Bristol Colston Hall
  13 October London Hammersmith Odeon
  14 October London Hammersmith Odeon
  15 October London Hammersmith Odeon
  16 October London Hammersmith Odeon
  18 October Middlesbrough Town Hall
  19 October Leeds Victoria Halls
  20 October Blackpool Opera House
  21 October Wolverhampton Civic Centre
  22 October Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
  23 October Hanley Stoke Victoria Hall
  26 October Portsmouth Guild Hall
  27 October Margate Winter Gardens
  28 October Southampton Gaumont
  29 October Brighton Conference Centre
  30 October Southend Pavillion
  31 October Ipswich Gaumont
  02 November Cornwall Coliseum
  03 November Gloucester Leisure Centre
  04 November Guildford Civic Hall
  05 November London Dominion Theatre
  06 November London Dominion Theatre
  07 November Hemel Hampstead Pavillion


  Venues Cancelled or Adjusted  

  11 October Hemel Hempstead Pavilion Cancelled due to the main entrance been too  
    small, the gig was rescheduled to the 07 November.  
  24 October Swansea Bragwyn Hall cancelled due to concerns over the sensitive  
    smoke/fire detectors installed been affected by the dry ice smoke.  
    additionally the stage set may have been to big.  

  Date Location or Show Channel or Studio Country

  23rd April The Saturday Show Central TV
  05th May Top Of The Pops (1,000 Edition) BBC One
  01st September Top Of The Pops BBC One
  10th September Saturday Show Central TV
  17 or 18 September ITN News West Malling  
  19th September Riverside BBC Two
  30th September Crackerjack BBC One
  October The Saturday Show Central TV
  16th October My Top 12 BBC Radio One
  19th October Calendar Interview  
  20th October Top Of The Pops BBC One
  27th October SouthEast At Six  
  29th October The Saturday Show Central TV
  12th November In Concert BBC Radio One
    Summer Run Tyne Tees TV
    Mad About Tyne Tees TV
  September ? Kid Jensen Interview  
    Razzamatazz Interview  
    Granada Report  
    CBTV Channel 14  
  August Rock Around The Clock  



  Tik & Tok joined Gary on stage throughout the Warriors Tour for 'The Iceman Comes' The duo also appeared as ninjas
  throughout the tour on 'This Prsion Moon'

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