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So here we are, that place again
Where the light just bleeds away from you
So here we are, so suddenly
Are your words so hard to find ?
Do the lies you told seem shameful ?
And you feel so cold

I've seen you
Cry your tears but for who ?
And I've seen you
Lost in thought. Where do you go ?
I've seen you
Forget I'm still here and so
I've seen you
Everything that you've tried to keep me from
Truth ? It was always far away

So here we are, you turn again
And the path you tread is hard to find
So here we are, at war again
And your choice is clear to see
And your war has left no place for me
And you feel so cold

So here we are
I'm lost again
And I feel so cold


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Taken from the original LP - Savage
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Year - 2017

LP - Savage

Song Length -

Written by - Gary Numan

Data Last Updated
16 September 2017

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