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Ghost Nation



We live in a windswept hell
Where dust and death are neighbours
We hide in a perfect storm
Not even God remembers

We ran from the wars of man
From everything you are and would be
We are invisible
We are the dead Ghost Nation

When the sky came down
When the sun went dark
When the night was torn
And we heard God laugh
When The Righteous came
And they cleansed our sins
Have you ever seen death / God / me
With your own eyes?

We live in The Great Unfound
Where thought and ghost still wander
We drift on drifting sand
Where horrors of our past still linger

We hide from the world of man
From the cruelty of that defines you
We are the wind that cries
We are the dead Ghost Nation

We are embers in the flame
We are whispers in God's name
We're the heat that burns your skin
We're the cold that lets pain in
We're the wind that blinds your eyes
We're the shame that haunts your lies
We're the nightmare when you sleep
We're the guilt that all men keep



Total Number of Plays 4
Taken from the original LP - Savage
First played in concert on - 27th July 2017 at - Liverpool Exhibition Centre, England
Most recently played on - 30th July 2017 at Standon Calling Festival, England
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Ghost Nation Live Performances in 2017 - 4

27 July 2017 - Liverpool Exhibition Centre England
28 July 2017 - Hull, The Welly England
29 July 2017 - Leamington Spa, Assembly Halls England
20 July 2017 - Standon Calling Festival, Standon England



Main Song Listing


Year - 2017

LP - Savage

Song Length -

Written by - Gary Numan

Data Last Updated
16 September 2017

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