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1979 Wednesday   Marcus Music AB, England
07th February
Gary Numan


  Recording Studio Marcus Music AB Gary Numan Marcus Music AB Studios  
  Address 49 - 53 Kensington Gardens Square
      Marcus Music AB  
  01. Me! I Disconnect From You Songs mixed in the studio for the album Replicas  
  02. Are Friends Electric ?    
  03. The Machman    
  04. Praying To The Aliens    
  05. Down In The Park    
  06. You Are In My Vision    
  07. Replicas    
  08. It Must Have Been Years    
  09. When The Machines Rock    
  10. I Nearly Married A Human    

  Band Members    

  Gary Numan Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar  
  Paul Gardiner Bass Guitar
  Jess Lidyard Drums  


  Engineer was Rikki Silvan  



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03 January 2017
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