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1982 Studio, TV, Radio & Interview Timeline  
Total number of appearances now stands at 13 for 1982  

  Date Location or Show Channel or Studio Country

  XX January Tiswas ITV
  29th January News BBC One
  05th February Razzamatazz Tyne Tees
  XX February Razzamatazz TYne Tees
  04th March Top Of The Pops BBC One
  18th March Top Of The Pops BBC One
  20th March Jim’ll Fix It BBC One
  23rd March Late Night From 2 Interview Granada UK
  01st April Russell Harty Interview BBC Two
  17th June Top Of The Pops BBC One
  26th August Top Of The Pops BBC One
    Wide Awake Club Tyne Tees TV
  October The Tube Interview    


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02 March 2018

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