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1984 Studio, TV, Radio & Interview Timeline  
Total number of sesions now stands at XX for 1984  

  Date Location or Show Channel or Studio Country

  05th January 1984 Top Of The Pops BBC One
  06th February 1984 Leo Sayer Show BBC Two
  29th March 1984 Madabout Tyne Tees
  28th July 1984 The Main Attraction BBC One
  04th August 1984 In Concert BBC Radio One
  27th August 1984 Names And Games BBC Two
  08th November 1984 Top Of The Pops Berserker
  21st November 1984 Razzamatazz Tyne Tees TV
  12th December 1984 Razzamatazz Tyne Tees TV


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03 March 2018

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