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  Nash The Slash 1981 - 2010
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  Music Contribution and Guest Spot on Stage.  
    Nash The Slash
  Full Name - Nash The Slash
  Nationality - Canadian
  Instruments - Electric Violin

  Contributions -  

  Studio Singles  
  Studio Albums  
  1981 Dance Violin on Cry The Clock Said  
      Violin on You Are You Are    
      Violin on Moral    
  Live Albums  




  26 Sunday London Wembley Arena
  27 Monday London Wembley Arena
  28 Tuesday London Wembley Arena
      Appeared on stage for 'Cry, The Clock Said' & 'The Joy Circuit' during  
      all 3 shows.  
  24 Sunday Toronto Opera House, Canada
      Appeared on stage to play 'Complex'  

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