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Damont Vinyl Pressing Plant
Gary Numan

  Damont Pressing Plant  

  Address (Obsolete)    
  20 Blyth Road    
  UB3 1BY    
  Tel: 02085 735122    
  Opened 1972 and closed 2006    
  The plant had ten 12" presses and four 7" presses.    
  DAMONT wording in full at 12 c'clock to the Cat # D at 12 o'clock to the Cat #  
  Gary Numan LP Dance 1981 UK Gary Numan LP Dance 1981 UK  
  Damont 7" singles have anti-slip ridges around the labels and have a 'D' or 'DAMONT' at twelve o'clock. The single 'D' was  
  sometimes underlined.  
  There is a number at three o'clock and a letter at nine.  

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