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RCA Records Vinyl Pressing Plant
Gary Numan

RCA Pressing Plant

Address (Obsolete) Opened 07 May 1970 and closed 1981
RCA Limited, Record Division  
Manufacturing Plant  
Armstrong Industrial Estate  
County Durham  
Telephone: 0632 461511  

Record identifiers are as follows;
Record pressings can be identified by a 'W' in the runouts (often at 12 o'clock) and by a "letter number letter" string (e.g.
'A1C' or 'A1H'), usually found at three o'clock or nine o'clock. Occasionally, the string can have 4 or 5 letters, e.g. 'A1AT' or
'A1AAB'. The string identifies the Father-Mother-Stamper numbers. Another identifier is a ? (checkmark).

7" Singles pressed at RCA Records  
RCA Records 7" Singles have an outer stamping impression  
ring diameter of 58mm and an inner centre hole of 38mm  
7" BEG 18 Black 1979 Are 'Friends' Electric ? V3
7" BEG 23 Black 1979 Cars V1

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18 November 2021

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