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A Black Sun



When I was a child
My life seemed endless. Too far to see
When I was a child
The world was waiting and called to me
And everyone I loved
Would live for eternity
And everything I dreamed
Would all come true for me

But now I feel the end come
My childish dreams are undone
I cry under a black sun
And every song is unsung

You will hear me when the wind sighs
You will feel me beside you always
You won't see me but I'll be with you

When I was a child

All love was painless. No tears to cry
When I was a child
I played the hero who held the sky
But now I hold you
And love is more than I can bare
And when I think of you
Love becomes a pain to share

And I hear loss calling
And this is pain talking
And I am fear walking
And these are tears falling



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Taken from the original Album Intruder
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A Black Sun
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Gary Numan Intruder 2021

Year - 2021

Album - Intruder

Song Length - 5.40

Written by - Gary Numan

Last Checked or Updated

22 May 2021

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