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All Across The Nation


Somewhere in the city
There's a struggle going on
Someone's making money
Someone's doing wrong
Everybody searching for a little piece of gold
Buy a place, fix your face never grow old
It's a shame
Who's gonna take control?
It's a game they play
Who's gonna save your soul?
And they're never gonna stop
Till they reach the top
All across the nation
Fever takes control
Money is temptation
Money saves your soul
One thing I can tell you
Of this there is no doubt
The rich man needs his comfort
And the poor man does without
Everybody loves somebody
All around the world
But everybody knows
It's the rich man gets the girl


Look at all the little people
shouting from the rain
Standing at the bus stop
Dreaming 'bout Spain
Here comes the rich man
Driving his car
When he was poor he was sure
He was gonna go far

-repeat chorus to fade-


Year - 1987

7" - All Across The nation

Song Length - 3.45

Written by - H Nicholson

Last Checked or Updated

04 March 2021

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