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If you had seen
You'd understand
If you had seen
You'll break like me

If you had seen aAll the things that I've seen
You'd scream like I scream
I know

If you had seen, you'd feel like I feel
Empty and broken
I know

I've seen the sky on fire
Seen the oceans dry
Seen the mountains fall
Seen the whole world die


Total Number of Plays 7
Taken from the original LP - Savage
First played in concert on - 12th November 2018 at Cardiff St Davids Hall, Wales Wales
Most recently played on - 20th November 2018 at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Scotland Scotland
Years Song Plays for year.
Live Performances in 2018 - 7

12 November 2018 - Cardiff St Davids Hall Wales
13 November 2018 - Birmingham Symphony Hall England
15 November 2018 - Newcastle City Hall England
17 November 2018 - Manchester Bridgewater Hall England
18 November 2018 - London 02 Shepherds Bush Empire England
19 November 2018 - London Royal Albert Hall England
20 November 2018 - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Scotland



Year - 2017

LP - Savage

Song Length -

Written by - Gary Numan

Last Checked or Updated

28 February 2021

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