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We generate heat
We generate emotion
We generate a feeling
That is better left here
Than a memory on a wall

I'd rather cry than forgive you

We generate pain
We generate suspicion
We generate a rumour that's sick
But a rumour that is probably true

I'd rather die than forget you

(I won't let my dreams slip away from me)
I'm talking sex motion
I'm talking 'bout fashion
I'm talking 'bout skin games
I'm talking 'bout secrets

(And I won't let my heart run away with me)
I'm talking temptation
I'm talking 'bout memories
I'm talking 'bout feelings
I'm talking 'bout emotion

We generate lies
We generate pictures
We generate a video film
That I couldn't let my best friend see

I'd rather lose than forgive you

We generate shame
We generate secrets
We generate a reason for living
And we generate a reason for not

I'd rather hurt than forget you

I can't believe that I'm here
I can't believe what I've seen
I can't believe what I'm doing to you


Total Number of Plays 5
Taken from the original album - Machine And Soul
First played in concert on - 23rd October 1993 at Brentwood Centre, England England
Most recently played on - 06th November 1993 at London Labbatts Apollo, England England
Years Song Plays for year.
Live Performances in 1993 - 5

23 October 1993 - Brentwood Centre England
24 October 1993 - York Barbican Centre England
31 October 1993 - Manchester Apollo Theatre England
04 November 1993 - Portsmouth Guildhall England
06 November 1993 - London Labatts Apollo England



Year - 1992

LP - Machine And Soul

Song Length - 6.08

Written by - Gary Numan

Last Checked or Updated

23 April 2022

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