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Love And Napalm



Call me 'Deadliner'
Nothing in here but dust
Are you afraid dear listener?
Nothing in here but us

I'll give you black rumours
'Stay away from everything I've seen'
I'll give you black rumours
'Stay away from everyone I've been'

The broken sound of love and lies
Still fill your room
Faded memories of shame
Will find you soon

I'll give you corrosion
Miracles are never what they seem
I'll give you corrosion
Welcome to the nightmare, not the dream

I can remember everything
Every promise, every lie
And how the words of strangers made me cry
All the pride, all the shame
All the friends that came from nowhere
And then hurried back again
I collected scars like a man at war
And I thought, 'Isn't life peculiar
Life takes you there, but not back'
No more, I'm just another old story

When God heard your prayer
It said, 'I am not your friend'
Laughed like a fallen angel
And said, 'I've no love to send'

It keeps a photograph
It likes to overdose on time
It said, 'Time to leave'
Like other friends of mine

I'll give you dark wonders
You are all invited to the show
I'll give you dominions
You are all invited to the show
I'll give you dead heroes
You are all invited to the show
I'll give you love and napalm
You are all invited to the show



Total Number of Plays 26
Taken from the original album - Sacrifice
First played in concert on - 02nd November 1994 at Guildford Civic Hall, England England
Most recently played on - 23rd September 2001 at London Shepherds Bush Empire, England England
Years Song Plays for year.
Love And Napalm
Live Performances in 1994 - 10

02 November 1994 - Guildford Civic Hall England
03 November 1994 - Manchester, Labatts Apollo England
04 November 1994 - Southampton Guildhall England
05 November 1994 - London, Hammersmith Apolllo England
06 November 1994 - Birmingham Town Hall England
08 November 1994 - Folkestone Lees Cliff Hall England
09 November 1994 - Bristol Bierkeller England
10 November 1994 - Milton Keynes, The Sanctuary England
11 November 1994 - Colchester, The Charter Hall England
12 November 1994 - London, Astoria 2 England



Love And Napalm
Live Performances in 1996 - 15

23 March 1996 - Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall England
24 March 1996 - London Astoria England
25 March 199 - Bristol Colston Hall England
26 March 1996 - Cambridge Corn Exchange England
27 March 1996 - Ipswich Regent England
29 March 1996 - Newcastle City Hall England
30 March 1996 - Glasgow Pavillion England
31 March 1996 - Liverpool Empire Theatre England
01 April 1996 - Nottingham Rock City England
02 April 1996 - Southampton Guildhall England
03 April 1996 - Guildford Civic Hall England
04 April 1996 - Birmingham Town Hall England
05 April 1996 - Manchester Labatts Apollo England
06 April 1996 - Milton Keynes, Woughten Hall England
07 April 1996 - London Labatts Apollo England



Love And Napalm
Live Performances in 2001 - 1

23 September 2001 - London, Shepherds Bush Empire England



Year - 1994

LP - Sacrifice

Song Length - 5.07

Written by - Gary Numan

Last Checked or Updated

28 February 2021

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