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I've done things God should've questioned
But I don't care.
I've seen things that made my flesh crawl
But I was young.
I've said things that you believed in
But I don't mean.
I heard things, one more confession that
Leaves me cold.

My picture ashames you
My picture
My picture ashames me
My picture

This ain't love, this ain't affection
But you don't care.
This ain't need, I'm not the fashion
So leave my heart.
So good God were you mistaken
Now will I burn?
No more lies no more distraction
So pay you back.

Religion ashames you
Religion ashames me

I'm lying shame on me
(secrets forever)
This disease shame on me
(secrets forever)
My memories shame on me
(secrets forever)
Abandon,abandon me
(secrets forever)

This fashion ashames you
This fashion
This passion ashames me
This passion

I'll never ashame you
I'll never ashamed me.

A stranger, shame on me
(secrets forever)
Nostalgia, shame on me
(secrets forever)
Religion, shame on me
(secrets forever)
Abandon, abandon me.

I've done things God should've questioned
But I don't care.



Total Number of Plays 14
Taken from the original single - Heart
First played in concert on - 23rd October 1993 at Brentwood Centre, England England
Most recently played on - 06th November 1993 at London Labbatts Apollo, England England
Years Song Plays for year.
Live Performances in 1993 - 14

23 October 1993 - Brentwood Centre England
24 October 1993 - York Barbican Centre England
25 October 1993 - Leicester De Montfort Hall England
26 October 1993 - Corby Festival Hall England
27 October 1993 - Birmingham Town Hall England
28 October 1993 - London Marquee England
29 October 1993 - Mansfield Leisure Centre England
30 October 1993 - Oxford Apollo Theatre England
31 October 1993 - Manchester Apollo Theatre England
01 November 1993 - Bristol Colston Hall England
02 November 1993 - Guildford Civic Hall England
04 November 1993 - Portsmouth Guildhall England
05 November 1993 - Cambridge Corn Exchange England
06 November 1993 - London Labatts Apollo England



Year - 1991

7" - Heart B-Side

Song Length -

Written by - Gary Numan/ Nick Beggs

Last Checked or Updated

06 March 2021

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