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Stormtrooper In Drag



So here am I quite by chance near the phone
I could call and make you crawl into bed
Questions always questions
I'll just speak in slow motion,
About obsessions with boys on the floor.

Take that smile off your face,
Wipe that tear from your eye,
Don't say you're sorry for me.

Now look at me like a stormtrooper in drag
And I'll let you feel exactly like I do,
It's so disgusting I'm so tired of rhythm
And needles in arms,
I don't want your point of view.

Nothing to do,
Nothing to steal,
And there's nothing to say.

Love it love it I need to.


Total Number of Plays 10
Taken from the original 7" single - Stormtrooper In Drag
First played in concert on - 02nd November 1994 at Guildford Civic Hall, England England
Most recently played on - 12th November 1994 at London, Astoria 2, England England
Years Song Plays for year.
Stormtrooper In Drag
Live Performances in 1994 - 10

02 November 1994 - Guildford Civic Hall England
03 November 1994 - Manchester, Labatts Apollo England
04 November 1994 - Southampton Guildhall England
05 November 1994 - London, Hammersmith Apolllo England
06 November 1994 - Birmingham Town Hall England
08 November 1994 - Folkestone Lees Cliff Hall England
09 November 1994 - Bristol Bierkeller England
10 November 1994 - Milton Keynes, The Sanctuary England
11 November 1994 - Colchester, The Charter Hall England
12 November 1994 - London, Astoria 2 England



Year - 1981

7" - Stormtrooper In Drag

Song Length - 3.55

Written by - Gary Numan / Paul Gardiner

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03 March 2021

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