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The Chosen

Do you need one more sign?
A gift for the old?
Can you see, or are you so blind?
I raised the oceans

Here you are lost to the truth
Lost to all reason
Here you are, the pain in my heart
The shame on my soul

And how could you leave your home to burn?
And how could you turn your blue sky grey?
And how could you laugh as children warned you?
And how could you take their world away?

You will fade like a sigh
A breath in the cold
You will die and I will forget
You were the chosen

And how could you lose your innocence?
And how could you turn your hearts to stone?
And how could you laugh as they screamed for you?
And how could you steal their dreams away?

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Taken from the original Album Intruder
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The Chosen
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Gary Numan Intruder 2021

Year - 2021

Album - Intruder

Song Length - 4.43

Written by - Gary Numan

Last Checked or Updated

22 May 2021

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