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The Hunter



I'm in a big clean room
There's blood on my shirt
I'm in a bad shape from the crash

Now I know it's all over
Now I know it's all over you
Something's wrong
Now I know it's all over
Now I know the hunter's you

Oh you have the face
But I have the pictures
A second hand love
In a dying machine

This game turns me cold
I could show you some things
A child with a ghost in her eyes
Cries for me

We break out
And we break out hungry
We're looking for the priest
And we're looking for you

I can't believe the noise
There's nothing I can do
We'll never get out of here alive

Somethings wrong
I can't believe it


Total Number of Plays 3
Taken from the original album - Berserker
First played in concert on - 02nd November 1994 at Guildford Civic Hall, England England
Most recently played on - 06th November 1994 at Birmingham, Town Hall, England England
Years Song Plays for year.
The Hunter
Live Performances in 1994 - 3

02 November 1994 - Guildford Civic Hall England
05 November 1994 - London Labatts Apollo Hammersmith England
06 November 1994 - Birmingham Town Hall England



Year - 1984

LP - Berserker

Song Length - 4.31

Written by - Gary Numan

Last Checked or Updated

27 February 2021

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