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The Life Machine


Me. Ive just died
But some machine keeps on humming
Im just an extra piece
Of dead meat to keep running
Why wont you let me die in piece
Why wont you let me die with some kind of honour
Why wont you let me die at all
I know
You`ve got your principles

My body lies immobile
I left it days ago
And me I watch from somewhere
As the loved ones come and go
I see them glancing at the switch
I hear them whispering
'Maybe it's better that way'
I see the love turn into feelings
I know
Aren't quite the same

I see the men of learning
Pacing to and fro
But how can I expect
The sane to ever know
I'd rather die than have no mind
I know my brain is gone
'Damage beyond repair'
I see an empty shell below me
I know
Ive had my time



Total Number of Plays 9
Appears on the original album - The Plan
First played in concert on - 14th March 1978 - Reading Bones Club, London, England England
Most recently played on - 28th April 1978 - The White Hart Pub, London, England England
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The Life Machine
Live Performances in 1978 - 15

14 March 1978 - Reading Bones Club
18 March 1978 - Uxbridge, Battle of Britain Punk Festival
20 March 1978 - Oxford Cape Of Good Hope
21 or 22 March 1978 - Reading Bones Club
30 March 1978 - London, Putney, The White Lion
13 April 1978 - Peterborough, The Bull And Dolphin
17 April 1978 - Upstairs At Ronnie Scotts, London, England
20 April 1978 - The Marquee Club, London, England
27 April 1978 - London, Putney, The White Lion
01 May 1978 - The Bones Club, Reading, England
?? May 1978 - Woking Centre Halls
02 June 1978 - Hayes, England
17 June 1978 - Windsor Castle Pub, London, England
19 June 1978 - London, Stoke Newington, Pegasus
28 June 1978 - The White Hart Pub, Acton, London, England

Year - 1978

LP - Tubeway Army

Song Length - 2.46

Written by - Gary Numan

Last Checked or Updated

25 February 2021

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