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This Is My Life



I'm not so sure
I still want more of this
My mind's not quite
Behaving, I don't know
I'm not feeling like I'm told I should (???)

This is my life
Welcome to me tonight
I don't feel too
Glad to be here for sure
I'm not feeling anymore at all

This is my head
This is my face
It's all my fault
This is my place
I don't really think I wanna stay



Total Number of Plays 4
Taken from the original 7" Promo - This Is My Life
First played in concert on - 25th July 2007 at Nottingham Rock City, England England
Most recently played on - 28th July 2007 at London, Shepherds Bush Empire, England England
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This Is My Life
Live Performances in 2007 - 4

25 July 2007 - Nottingham, Rock City England
26 July 2007 - Bristol, 02 Academy England
27 July 2007 - Liverpool, 02 Academy England
28 July 2007 - London, Shepherds Bush Empire England



Year - 1994

7" - Promo

Song Length - 2.14

Written by - Gary Numan

Last Checked or Updated

27 February 2021

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