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Dead Moon Falling - 2013

Dead Moon Falling
Record Details -
Country - United Kingdom Highest Chart Position - Failed
Label - Mortal Records Case Type -  
Catalogue No -   Number Issued -  
Date Released - 13 May 2013 Barcode - None
Format - Digital Download Release Type - Studio Remix Album
Images -
Tracklist -
A - 01. Big Noise Transmission (Tim Burgess Remix)    
A - 02. Dead Sun Rising (Sonoio Remix)    
A - 03. We Are The Lost (Gazelle Twin Remix)    
A - 04. When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come (Tweaker Ray Remix)  
A - 05. Not The Love We Dream Of (Toby Butler/The Duke Spirit Remix)  
A - 06. The Fall (The Officers Remix)    
A - 07. For The Rest Of My Life (Alec Empire Remix)    
A - 08. For The Rest Of My Life - Reprise (Is Tropical Remix)    
A - 09. Dead Sun Rising (Grayed Out Mix)    
A - 10. For You (Featuring Andy Gray)    
A - 11. Petals (Featuring Officers)    
Run Out Groove Details -
Notes -
Availability & Price -
Availability Very Common  
Guide Price £7.99  

Credits -  
Gary Numan -  

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Data Last Updated
23 September 2013

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