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1978 Monday   Oxford Cape of Good Hope, England
20th March
Tubeway Army

  Setlist - Gig



  The Cape of Good Hope  
  1 Iffley Road
  OX4 1EA
    Oxford Cape of Good Hope
  Doors Open -  
  Gary Numan on Stage -  
  Price Standing -  
  Price Seating -  
  Age Limit -  
  Venue Capacity -   Oxford Ticket


  Band Members    

  Gary Numan Vocals, Guitar  
  Paul Gardiner Bass Guitar
  Barry Benn Drums  
  Sean Burke Guitar  

  Support Acts  

  Setlist -  
  01 -  
  02 -  
  03 -  
  04 -  

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  Oxford Cape Of Good Hope Printed Material  

  Oxford Pub 1978    
  Record Mirror advert 18th March 1978  

  Venue Statistics  

Opened -  
Closed -
  Oxford Cape of Good Hope

Total number of live performances at this venue by Gary Numan  
01. 20th March 1978 - UK Gig
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02 February 2021

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