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1979 Thursday   London Wembley Arena, England
22nd November
Gary Numan

  Setlist - Concert

  01 - Me! I Disconnect From You  
  02 - Metal  
  03 - Down In The Park  


  Wembley Arena  
    London Ticket 1979
  Doors Open - 19.00
  Gary Numan on Stage -  
  Ticket Price - £6.50
  Age Limit -  
  Venue Capacity -  
      Wembley Arena Ticket
    Image J. Trotter


  Band Members    

  Gary Numan Vocals  
  Paul Gardiner Bass Guitar
  Jess Lidyard Drums  
  Chris Payne Keyboard  
  Rrussell Bell Keyboards, Electronic Drums  
  Billy Currie Keyboards  

  Support Acts  

  Cat Stevens, David Essex, Real Thing, Sky, Wishbone Ash  
  Setlist -  
  01 -  
  02 -  
  03 -  
  04 -  

  Venue Reviews & Notes  

  Me, I Disconnect From You, with Metal, Conversation and Down In The Park were mixed without audience applause as mime  
  tracks for the televised benefit concert in aid of ‘Year Of The Child’ at Wembley Arena on 22 November. Unclear if  
  Conversation was actually sang. Does not appear on the Radio 1 Live Recordings CD.  
  Cedric Sharpley was unable to play this concert as he had let his "Musicians Union" membership lapse. Gary asked Jess to step  
  in at the last minute.  

  London Wembley Arena Printed Material  

  London Ticket 1979 London Ticket 1979  
  Wembley Programme Newspaper Advert

  Venue Statistics  

Opened - 1934 London SSE Wembley Arena
Closed -
  London Wembley Arena

Total number of live performances at this venue by Gary Numan  
01. 22nd November 1979 - The Year Of The Child Concert
02. 26th April 1981 - The Farewell Concerts
03. 27th April 1981 - The Farewell Concerts
04. 28th April 1981 - The Farewell Concerts
05. 12th December 1993 - The OMD Tour
06. 07th May 2022 - The Intruder Tour
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03 March 2021

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