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1988 Saturday   London Flag Disco, England
05th March
Gary Numan

  Setlist - Birthday Gig

  PA Intro - No Shelter  
  01 - Tricks  
  02 - I Die: You Die  
  03 - Cars  
  04 - Creatures  
  05 - Me! I Disconnect From You  
  06 - Down In The Park  
  07 - The Iceman Comes  
  08 - I Can't Stop  
  09 - Call Out The Dogs  
  10 - We Are Glass  
  11 - Are 'Friends' Electric ?  
  12 - My Shadow In Vain  


  The Flag
  86 East Lane
  North Wembley
    London, The Dog And Duck, England
  Doors Open - 19.30
  Gary Numan on Stage -  
  Price Standing - آ£3.00 in advance
  Price Seating -  
  Age Limit -  
  Venue Capacity -   The Flag Ticket


  Band Members    

  Gary Numan - Vocals  
  Rrussell Bell - Guitar
  Cedric Sharpley - Drums  
  John Webb - Keyboards  
  Chris Payne - Keyboards  
  Emma Chalmers - Backing Vocals  
  Valerie Chalmers - Backing Vocals  

  Support Acts  

  No Support  
  Setlist -  
  01 -  
  02 -  
  03 -  
  04 -  

  Venue Reviews & Notes  

  The main building in the photo was the Dog and Duck Pub at the time of the Flag disco, the little annex to the left hand side as you look at it was The Flag venue where Gary played. This is now a Ladbroke's bookies. I know as A) I drove past it just 2 days ago and B) I helped Frank (Frankie) Drake and the late great Peter Gilbert organise the various Numan and Numan related bashes there.  
  It was connected to the pub in so much as it shared an adjoining wall. I never had any dealings with the pub itself, but assume it was the same owner/licencee. The Flag indeed had its own entrance immediately below what you see as the red Ladbrokes sign (you didn't enter through the pub. On going through the door the very small stage was to the left and the bar on the far side to the right.  
  The Flag gave rise to Peter Gilbert & Frank Drake's Flag Promotions which will be familiar to older Numan fans and also produced the excellent 'In The City' magazine.  
  The stage was a permanent structure, complete with wooden pannelling and sides. The PA system used was Garys old equipment which Pete & Frank obtained a year earlier.  
  There were 2 rehearsals, 1 the day before and 1 on the day of the gig, both starting at 10am and finishing around 5pm. These were in private attended by Gary, the band, Pete and Frank along with the sound engineer Roger Millington.  
  Rrussell Bell played guitar for most of the gig with bass on Down In The Park.  
  The public house has been known by a few names over the years including The Hop Bines, then the Chequred Flag, it was called the Dog and Duck at the time of the gig. It went on to be called Bootsy Brogans, then a restaurant called Desi Dons before becoming Tesco Express Supermarket as in the main picture.  
  Information courtesy Steve Durbridge and Roger Millington  

  The Flag Disco Printed Material  

  London Flag Disco Advert 1988    
  Observer 03 March 1988  

  Venue Statistics  

Opened -  
Closed -
  London The Flag Disco

Total number of live performances at this venue by Gary Numan  
01. 05th March 1988 - UK Birthday Gig
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15 October 2022

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