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I've seen all mine
Falling, fall down
Do you know?
Do you know?

Obscene, I followed
I've seen some lies
Do you know?
Do you know?

I fall down
To you now
Do you know?

Sometimes I feel
Like I belong
To you now,
To you now

And now sometimes
It feels like I lie
To you now
Do you know?
Do you know?

I feel nothing
I feel no pain
You can't hurt me
You can't touch me

I'm not bleeding
I am healing
You will not steal
My dignity

Sometimes I fail
(Sometimes I know)
She protects me
(Some whores kneel down)

She makes me feel
(Do you know, do you know?)
(Do you know?)

She made me clean
(Sometimes I'm low)
She made me see
(Sometimes you fall)

All I could be
(Do you know, do you know?)
My sanctuary
(Do you know?)



Total Number of Plays 12
Taken from the original album - Artificial Perfect (Ade Fenton)
First played in concert on - 22nd May 2012 at Leicester 02 Academy, England
Most recently played on - 03rd June 2012 at Brighton, The Dome, England
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Healing Live Performances in 2012 - 12

22 May 2012 - Leicester, 02 Academy England
23 May 2012 - Glasgow 02 ABC England
24 May 2012 - Newcastle 02 Academy England
25 May 2012 - Sheffield 02 Academy England
26 May 2012 - Dublin, Button factory England
28 May 2012 - Bournemouth 02 Academy England
29 May 2012 - Bristol 02 Academy England
30 May 2012 - Cambridge, The Junction England
31 May 2012 - Birmingham HMV Institute England
01 June 2012 - London, The Forum England
02 June 2012 - Cardiff Coal Exchange England
03 June 2012 - Brighton, The Dome England



Year - 2007

LP - Artificial Perfect

Song Length - 4.12

Written by - Ade Fenton

Last Checked or Updated

06 March 2021

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