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15 January 2022

21st - January

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The Intruder Tour
Los Angeles
The Fonda Theatre
23rd February 2022
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Sint-Truiden Sinners Day Festival

Top 10 Play Count - Live Songs. Last Official Album Release. The Changing Faces of
Gary Numan 
Data Correct 01/01/2022
Are 'Friends' Electric ? 883
Cars 857
Down In The Park 808
Metal 691
Films 548
Me! I Disconnect From You 482
A Prayer For The Unborn 447
I Die: You Die 442
We Are Glass 345
The Fall 312
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BMG Records
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Released 21st May 2021

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In A Dark Place
March 2006
The Fallen EP
November 2018
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21 May 2021
21 May 2021
Dance Reissue
Released January 2018
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(R)evolution Biography
Gary Numan
When The Sky Came Down
13 December 2019
The Singles Collection
November 2021
My Name Is Ruin
06 July 2017
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